Midway Wool Company walks you through the basics of needle felting including what supplies you need to get started. 

Learn how to stitch letters on wool applique using a fun stem stitch!

Ever wonder what needles or threads to use for your project? Find out just the right tools and fibers to provide you with an amazing custom look you desire.

Enjoy you stitching even more with wonderful winders. Managing threads can be a struggle. Unraveled messy threads can be easily organized by wonderful winders. Each winder holds several skews of threads and fit perfectly in your choice of craft box. 


Using other fabrics with wool can be difficult but so fun. Don't worry, there are products out there like Shape flex by Pellon to provide stability to your fabric.

Every worry your wool pieces are not quite positioned right, or do you need a trick on laying your wool? We have got you covered. With the Using of "Applique Pressing Sheets" you will be a pro at placing layers of wool right where you want them.

Amy McClellan, designer of Under the Garden Moon, is here to teach us how to frame your beautiful projects!